Thursday, May 21, 2020

COVID-19 Guidance for Minnesota's Horse Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic's disruption to life as usual has had a paralyzing effect on event planners in the horse industry. Boarding stable owners, trainers, riding instructors, horse show and rodeo planners need clarity. Uncertainty reigns, both in how to interpret current legal requirements and how to develop a plan for reopening so that participants are reassured of safety measures.

As General Counsel for the Minnesota Horse Council and its affiliated nonprofits, I have drafted a Best Practices guide for organizers of equestrian events. This document is intended to help organizers develop a plan for limiting the spread of coronavirus at equestrian activities and sporting events as they are allowed to resume. I also served on a team of professionals led by the University of Minnesota Extension to provide guidance to horse and stable owners about caring for equines under applicable Executive Orders while limiting human exposure to the novel coronavirus.

To learn about the latest Executive Orders and subscribe to updates, visit the State of Minnesota's COVID-19 response site led by the Office of the Minnesota Governor at

To view current information about permissible outdoor activities and recreation, visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) COVID-19- Response web site.

Here is a link to our State's current timeline of reopening in Minnesota. Be well and #StaySafeMN!